It would be wise for you to get a quick estimate of the costs of home remodels and additions before proceeding with these projects. One of the most common ways to get this cost estimate is by calculating the cost-per-square-foot of the remodel. Although it is the most commonly estimating method used by many contractors, it is not a fool proof one. You must recognize the method’s limitations before contemplating and relying on the estimate that you come up with.

To calculate the cost per square foot, you take the total area to be remodeled and multiply it by the estimated cost-per-square-foot. The problem lies with working out the actual cost-per-square-foot. You should note that this figure can vary anywhere from $150 dollars to $750 dollars. This is such a wide difference that can create a great impact to your estimate. It may even increase a kitchen remodel estimate from $25,000 up to $75,000!

To refine the calculation, consider the cost-per-square-foot value.  If you are considering a budget remodel, you might want to use a value of $150 to $250 dollars per square foot. If your remodel will be custom,  a value of $650 to $750 dollars per square foot may be more reasonable. In addition, consider the room you are remodeling and the types of changes you are contemplating.  A kitchen or bathroom remodel will likely involve a greater cost-per-square-foot than a bedroom remodel.  A kitchen remodel that requires the purchase of new fixtures and the moving of plumbing and electrical lines will result in a higher cost-per-square-foot than one that does not require these things.

The location of the remodeling project will also affect the cost-per-square-foot. Project material and labor costs will vary depending on the area in which you live. So, before you do your project estimate, you should know the average cost-per-square-foot for a remodel in your area, adjusted for an economical, average or custom installation.

Season is another unique aspect of remodeling that affects your estimated cost-per-square-foot. A lot of contractors experience slow periods during a year. Take advantage of these times and you could get lower rates.

Another factor to consider when working out the cost-per-square-foot: how much work are you willing to do yourself? Here are some of the jobs you can take on personally to help reduce your final project estimate:

* Project management * Project design * Framing * Clean up * Demolition work * Painting and Wallpapering

It is easy to conclude that a simple estimated calculation is not reliable unless it takes into accounts the aforementioned additional factors. To help you out, you can use our free cost calculators for home remodels and additions.  They adjust the cost estimates based on information you enter about your project.  To check them out, click here.

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