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Remodeling Permit

Building Permit Sign

After many weeks of work – finding the right design ideas and hiring the right team to develop the plans and do the construction – it is time to apply for and hopefully get your building permit.

Depending on where you live and the scale and scope of your project a remodeling permit may be required from the local city or zoning governmental organization. While many people shudder at the thought of the bureaucracy of obtaining a permit it is actually – in total – a very beneficial process for – you – the homeowner.


Benefits of getting a remodeling permit

The benefits include ensuring that your remodel design and actual construction are designed for safety to the latest standards for electrical, plumbing etc While the rules and regulations sometimes appear draconian they all originate from good ideas to improve the safety of your home. getting a permit and insisting on having the proper permits to your contractor can eliminate the shady or otherwise undesirable contractors who for one reason or another do not work on projects that are permitted. When you go to sell your home having all work done with permits removes a possible concern from buyers which ultimately can get you a higher price for your home and get it sold faster.