Did you know that it is possible to obtain funds for your home remodel by taking out a second mortgage? This can be a great idea if you believe you can pay back the mortgage relatively quickly. It is also possible to get an adjustable rate mortgage or ARM for the same purpose. An ARM will offer you a lower rate that a that of a standard second mortgage. One of the potential problems with an ARM is that you will be putting your home up as collateral for this loan. You will also be paying two separate mortgage loans until the second one is paid off and you could find an increase in your overall mortgage rate if you choose an ARM. Most ARMs have an upper cap on the amount of interest you’ll pay over time and it means your interest can increase at some time in the future. If your second mortgage is a large one, an interest rate increase can really increase the amount you pay monthly on that loan. If you decide to choose this option, make certain you look around for the best rates and the lowest closing costs.