Remember that there is always the possibility that one man’s garbage is another’s treasure. Use this principal and visit any one of the local dump sites in your area. It can be amazing to see what you’ll find there. You can browse one of those sites and there is a possibility you might find gold, as there are many striking things people actually throw away. They can include working light fixtures, items that just need a bit of rewiring, tools and well-made furniture. Drive near the dump site to get an idea of the things you might find there. Many people put furniture and larger items in the yard and not in the dumpsters. Many can be remodeled or refinished.  Other items might need to be dug for. You can find items that need refinishing, reconditioning or possibly just cleaned up. Use old clothes and borrow a pickup truck in order to check out the dump site properly. You might find something worth saving and save some money as well.