remodeling schedule update

Remodeling Schedule

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So when are you going to remodel? A simple remodel can take just a few weeks a more complex remodel may take many months and even years. Working outside in the middle of winter may not be practical in some parts of the country. There are also the holidays to take into consideration – summer vacations – travel for any number of reasons. Frequently you can get a better price on your remodel project if you get quotes and start work in the fall which sometimes finds contractors with less work leading up to the holidays. Getting quotes and the best prices in January and into the spring can be more of a challenge as many homeowners choose this time to get quotes. You should give yourself a lot of leeway on when you start the project – there are many details that need to be taken care of prior to starting. Once you start the completion date can move around a bit as changes are made to scope f a project. The completion date is largely under your control – if you make an effort to keep your project on schedule you can make a big difference.


Remodeling Schedule Update

Now you have a better understanding of who will do the work you can look for blocks of time that work for you and your family to schedule your remodel.  Often times contractors are most flexible to start a project in the fall but every contractor is different and they all have projects they are currently working on that are completed.  So be flexible as you work on your remodeling schedule update and select 2 or 3 potential start and finish dates and then discuss your schedule with the contractors as you begin the interviewing process.