Teens need their own space! Photo by Austin Anomic

When children reach their teenager years, they begin to change very quickly and start to make the transition from child to adult. This means that their needs change too, and this includes what they require from their home environment. There are several things you can do to accommodate a teenager’s changing needs without being too indulgent or too strict.

Living Space

If your teenager has shared a room with a younger sibling for the past few years without too many complaints, you’re likely to find that this now becomes an issue. Teenagers want their own space, and their changing tastes are going to differ wildly from that of a sibling who is still very much a young child. Teenagers start to develop their own sense of identity, and even though there might be many ‘fads’ along the way, having a separate room will ease the pressure for everybody.

If you don’t have a spare guest room or storeroom, many homeowners choose to convert existing space within the home that doesn’t actually need to be too expensive. Garages, basements and attics are the most popular spaces to convert quickly, simply and affordably with a minimum of disruption. If you’re planning a larger project such as a home addition then a new bedroom can be included as part of those plans.


Teenagers are going to need different furnishings to the ones they were used to as children. Rapid growth spurts mean their feet will soon be hanging off the end of their kids’ bed, so a bigger bed is a good idea! Replacing their children’s bunk-bed with a simple adult sized single bed will do, and is a great way to show you respect your child’s maturity without being too indulgent.

As your teenager progresses through high school they will also be spending much more time studying. A larger desk with room for a computer, books and papers is a necessity. A bookcase for set-texts and textbooks is a good idea, as well as shelving nearby with some colored binders will help to keep their schoolwork organised and encourage them to study more regularly.

A chill-out area is a great idea and doesn’t need to be too expensive. A television area with some beanbags separate to the work space provides a great space for relaxing and having friends over while also creating a good boundary between fun time and study time.

Get Them Involved!

No one wants to come home to the nasty surprise that their teenager has painted their bedroom walls black! Pre-empt any ‘bursts of creativity’ by offering your teenager the chance to remodel their bedroom as part of a birthday or Christmas gift. That way, they get to be creative and hands-on with choosing furniture and decoration that they like while you get to keep an eye on the project to make sure it doesn’t get out of hand!