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Update: If you’re stuck with making a decision about whether to remodel or move, we can help you decide either way. If cost is your primary concern, you can try our online remodeling calculator to get an estimate for the work you want to do. The housing market is in a slump right now so many homeowners are choosing to stay in their homes and remodel to make their property work better for them. And though it may be disruptive for a while, it’s definitely a lot easier than finding, buying and moving into a new house!

Residential home remodeling can help you make your home a better fit for your family and your lifestyle. It can also save the cost and the headaches of finding, buying and moving to a new home. One of the really great things about residential home remodeling is that you can remodel your home into exactly what you want in most cases. Remodeling also will usually increase the value of your property at resale.

One of the best things about remodeling a residential home is that you – the homeowner – are in complete control. You decide, plan and get the work done to make your house the home you want for your family. You can also plan your remodeling project according to your schedule, your cash flow, and your specific needs. For example, you have the control over the schedule to decide to finish your attic first so you have a spare bedroom before a child is born and then finish the basement playroom later. Or, you can decide you need the playroom first to keep the children away from the construction area while you finish your attic.

Whether you take on an entire remodel of the whole house or just a single project, you call the shots. You decide whether it is best to do everything at once or to break the job into smaller parts.

Residential home remodeling can accomplish lots of purposes:

  • Open up living areas
  • Enlarge rooms
  • Update kitchens and bathrooms
  • Add living space
  • Make a basement or attic into living space
  • Lighten and brighten a room
  • Change a room for a different use

The only real limits on what you can do with residential home remodeling are building codes and laws, your budget, and your creative imagination. Of course, you might find that a planned remodel just isn’t cost effective. Planning your remodeling project(s) will be fun, exciting, and perhaps challenging. And the whole family can be part of the design team.

Whether you just need another doorway or a bigger window or you actually want to gut the whole house and start over, residential home remodeling can change a home that just doesn’t work into the home of your dreams. You might even be surprised to learn, once you start planning, just how easy it is to make dramatic changes in an area with very little work or expense.

Successful residential home remodeling requires a plan, a design, someone to manage the work, someone to do the work, and the tools and materials required. If you are trying to decide whether to remodel your home or move to a new home, you will find a helpful calculator at

As your family grows and changes, as your needs change, residential home remodeling gives you the freedom and flexibility to stay in your home and make it more useful. For example, as children grow older, a terrific remodeling project would be to convert the playroom to a home theater. When the kids grow up and move out and you want to start your own home-based business, you can convert a bedroom to a home office. As your parents grow older and need care, you can add a suite of rooms for them.

You will find lots of ideas and tips on residential home remodeling at The reliable calculators there will help you estimate the cost of various remodeling projects —