Revise Your Remodel Budget

Your Remodeling Budget

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Now is a good time to revisit your initial cost estimates and make any necessary updates and revise your remodeling budget- and decide if you are heading in the right direction cost wise.

Revise Your Remodel Budget

How does your current cost estimates align with your initial remodel budget and cost estimates?  You should have made several important decisions about materials and who will do the work at this stage of planning for your remodel in the last few weeks so it is likely that you should revise your remodel budget.

The decisions that you have made that likely have a significant impact on your initial remodeling budget are:

  1. Who will do the work.  Will you do some of the remodeling work yourself?  Will you hire a general contractor or manage the project yourself?  This decision can change the cost of your remodel by 10 to 30%
  2. Will you hire an interior designer and / or architect?  These professionals are an important part of some remodeling and home addition projects.  If you plan on using these professionals to help, make sure your budget  incorporates the cost of their services.  In addition to their fees – material and labor for projects that use the services of interior designers and architects are frequently higher so be sure to include this in your budget
  3. You should also be getting a good feel on the types of materials you prefer for your remodel.  What is your preference for the flooring, backsplash, appliances and lighting? Are you tastes toward the economy materials like flooring that is a few dollars a square foot or toward the high end – $20 or more per square foot.  Are you planning on a $1,000 refrigerator or a $5000 commercial style?  The same with the cook top.

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