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Depending on the type of roofing you selected it may be installed now. Often times it is installed sooner than later especially in seasons where there is chance for rain.  Often times the water proof paper aka building paper or a house wrap is placed on the exterior of a home and underneath your final roofing material.  This material is often left exposed for several days and even weeks without the finish roof material being applied.  Since this is a waterproof material it is generally OK to leave exposed to the weather temporarily a few days or weeks.

Some water on exposed wood in a home that is under construction is unavoidable but should be prevented when possible.  Insulation, electrical wiring and ductwork and most other materials should not be left exposed to the weather or rain unless they are specifically designed for that purpose.   If your home is open during a rain storm or if a leak occurs (which does happen) and it does get wet for an extended period of time talk with the builder about allowing adequate time for the wood and interior spaces to thoroughly dry before these surfaces are covered.  The real danger of not allowing adequate time for these materials and spaces to dry out is that if enclosed the moisture can lead to mold and mildew growth as well as rot and insect damage.


If you are concerned about your home drying out sufficiently during construction first talk with your contractor and if you are not 100% confident with their response to your questions call the city inspector and ask their opinion on the situation.  You can also call an independent building inspector to have them give you their expert advice.