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Kitchen Remodel – Done on Budget!

With a few preliminary decisions made and a little research done it is a good time to go back and review your preliminary remodeling budget.  The cost of your remodel or home addition most likely seems like a moving target and at this stage.  Do not let that feeling disturb you too much.  You are so early in the process that there is no way to get you an exact estimate of the cost of your remodel.  But even though you can not get an exact estimate you can set a budget and if well researched you will likely be able to remodel for what you have set your budget for.

It may seem a bit counter intuitive that you can not get an estimate but you can have a budget!  The reason is that YOU are in control of the cost of your remodel.  Who you hire, the materials you choose and the design of your remodel are 3 big variables that you are in total control of and that can swing the cost of your remodel by 30 to 50%.  So by setting your budget / target cost you can strive to meet that target by controlling who you hire, the materials you choose and the design of your renovation or home addition.

A good place to start to get an estimate of the cost to remodel and more importantly a range of costs based on changes to how you approach the project is the cost calculators here at Remodel cost calculators are available for major projects like kitchen remodels, bathroom additions and even 2nd story additions.  Try one of the remodel cost calculators now.