If your remodeling budget is limited and you are trying to make a room more spacious, consider installing a bay or bow window instead of building a bump out. Because these windows extend outside the walls of the house, they provide a bit of additional space, particularly if you choose a floor-to-ceiling model. You can easily extend the floor into the new space. Complete bay or bow window units are affordable, easy to install (for the do-it-yourselfer), and remarkably energy efficient. These window units are available in a wide variety of sizes, allowing you to install them in the space of most any existing window. The most dramatic effects will be achieved, however, by installing them to replace picture windows, double- or triple-width windows, or by enlarging a window opening. The units are available in aluminum, vinyl or wood, and some are available with copper headings. After a little comparison shopping you will be able to select the right bay or bow window for the architectural style of your home. Be sure to compare insulation and maintenance features as you shop.


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