If you have a limited budget for your remodeling project and making a more spacious room is one of your priorities, think about putting in a bow or bay window rather than a bump out. Such windows are positioned outside the walls of the room and provide you with more space, especially if you are thinking of a floor-to-ceiling type of window. You then extend the floor out to the new window. Bay or bow windows happen to be simple to install and are affordable. They are extremely efficient as well. You can find these windows in many sizes so you can install them in just about any existing space. When you install them in place of picture windows or double/triple windows, the effect is dramatic. Such window units come in vinyl, wood or aluminum and a few have copper headings. Do a bit of comparison shopping in order to pick out the best bow or bay window for your architectural needs. Make sure you take a look at insulation as part of your shopping excursion.