Doing your own painting is a great way to save on your remodeling costs, especially if your remodel involves a large area or a lot of small detailed spaces. A fresh coat of paint is probably the single most economical remodel you can do. But you can really save on your remodel with decorative paint finishes that create the look of expensive decoration. Not only can you save the cost of hiring a painter, you can also create some amazing effects with paint!

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Do you want to save the cost of wallpaper? Consider painting with decorative or faux finishes. You can use decorative painting techniques to create many of the same effects as wallpaper.


  • Vertical stripes are a snap with some painter’s tape and a yardstick.
  • Borders are a snap with stencils and patience. And you get the added benefit of the appearance of extra detail and cost with stenciling.
  • All-over stenciling can create the appearance of patterned wallpaper.
  • Using two colors swirled around each other can create a mottled finish that looks like stucco. This finish is both very effective and very popular.
  • Add warmth and interest to solid colors in more formal rooms by adding a translucent glaze. You can make your walls look like you covered them with silk.
  • Some mottling techniques will create the look of old-fashioned plaster and stucco.
  • Are you making your home a palace? Try edging the trim pieces and moldings with metallic gold paint.
  • Would you just love to have a mural in your home but think it is beyond your means? Paint it yourself! With the right stencils and some time and patience, you might be able to have that mural and the satisfaction of having done it yourself!
  • Working on a child’s bedroom or playroom? Use stencils to paint the ceiling to look like the sky (day or night) or add decorative murals or images to the walls. You will be able to choose from a surprising variety of stencils.

With a little imagination and some patience, you can learn decorative painting techniques with either instruction at your local paint or home improvement store or a good instructive book. You can save a bundle on your remodel with these paint finishes. Just spend some time learning about decorative painting techniques and faux finishes. Then choose the ideas that will work for your home remodeling project. Think about how a particular technique or “look” fits in your home. Is it appropriate for the architectural style? Does it blend with the décor of other parts of your home (or does it matter)? Then find the stencils or other materials you will need, choose your paint, and go for it!


When you discover that you can save on your remodel with decorative paint finishes, you put money back into your remodeling budget. When the work is done, you will not only have saved money, you will also have the personal satisfaction of doing the job yourself. You’ll also have bragging rights! And nobody said you have to tell people you used stencils!!!

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