When you build a home, you have some decisions to make such as its location, the style of home you want, the neighborhood it is located in, and do you put rain gutters on the roof or not? Yes, whether or not to put gutters on the home. In some areas, gutters are not required and are never added to new structures. Other areas require guttering and it should be installed. You can check your local building codes to see if you need to install them or not.

So, what is the purpose of gutters? Gutters have several functions. They are key in keeping splashing from occurring around the home. They channel the water from around the foundation of the home and can prevent damage to landscaping that may be installed around the home. These are their primary functions and these all become important when taking into consideration what area of the country you are located in.
If you live in a rainy climate and there is considerable rainfall each year, then installing gutters may be a benefit to you. Homes that do not have gutters can have damage to the ground around the foundation, causing the foundation to crack and break open. If this happens you may be forced to repair gas & water pipes, walls and ceilings, and even have to have the house lifted from the foundation and leveled again. These repairs can be extensive and expensive.
So how can you prevent damage without installing gutters? You can extend overhangs around the home so that rain water is clearing the edges of the foundation. This can be done either a few inches to allow water to drain off onto a concrete sidewalk or considerably farther out to allow it to drain clear of the foundation. In doing so, you will have to plan a slope around the home that will allow the water to drain away from the home.
Some people like gutters above the doorways to prevent water from falling over the door and into the home. This can be avoided by designing the roof over doorways at a slope. This will allow water to drain on either side of the doorway instead of directly in the doorway.
With careful planning, creative design and creative landscaping, you can build a home that will last for many years to come without unsightly gutters.