A bedroom remodel can create a room that is a haven for relaxation and rest. It can be focused on a simple space or an elegant retreat. Whatever the style of your home or your planned remodel, you can save when you remodel your bedroom and create a space that is uniquely you.

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Once you determine the style of your remodeled room, think about the space and how to best use it to create a renewing and relaxing area. First, think about storage and access. Do you have enough closet space? If not, how or where will you add space? Will you enlarge the existing closet or add another? Will you build a closet or use a wardrobe?

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Will you enlarge the bedroom as part of your remodel? How much will you enlarge it? How do you plan to use that space? Will you add a cozy fireplace? Saving money when you remodel your bedroom can be significant when expanding.

  • If your expansion is relatively small, you can save by building a bump out. This type of expansion uses the existing floor joists and beams to support the addition. Consider that adding just three feet, for example, is enough to create an extra closet and a cozy corner to sit and relax.

  • If your expansion is somewhat larger, you can save money by supporting the addition on posts and beams. This will look like the supports for a deck. You can make the posts very attractive by wrapping them with decorative fiberglass columns (in a variety of styles). This saves the cost of a foundation.

  • Your expansion could also include a bay or bow window. This would bring in a large amount of natural light and a window seat could provide extra storage as well as a cozy corner.

If you want to add a fireplace, you might consider some alternatives to a masonry fireplace built on site. You could save money by installing a factory-built fireplace. If you don’t plan to burn wood in the fireplace, using gas logs instead, you can save the cost of a chimney by selecting a back-vented model or a vent-free fireplace.

Think about other ways to create the storage space you need within the existing space. For example, if you need a place to store linens or sweaters, consider a chest. This can be placed under a window or at the foot of the bed. It can also be used as a table beside a chair or between two chairs. Keeping in mind your storage needs will be important when you choose furniture for the room. If you need more drawer space, choose a dresser or chest of drawers that gives you more space. Maybe you should add a lingerie chest. Think about the color of the furniture. Do you want light wood or white furniture? Do you want the warmth of walnut or cherry? Many people like the contrast of darker wood with their walls and bedding.

Then start thinking about how you will use color to decorate the room. Darker colors will make the room feel cozy, while pale, soft colors will make it feel spacious and serene. Consider also how your furniture will look against the wall colors you choose.

Don’t forget about the ceiling. There are many things you can do with the ceiling to make the room feel larger or more elegant. You might raise the ceiling or pitch the ceiling, following the line of the roof. Or you might add a tray ceiling. The least expensive way to make the room feel larger and brighter would be to paint the ceiling white or a very light shade of one of your decorative colors. Using a gloss or semi-gloss paint will reflect more light and make the room feel larger. Instead of making changes to the ceiling itself, you might consider just adding crown moldings.

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Here are some other tips to help you save when you remodel your bedroom:

  • Save on the cost of wallpaper by painting stripes or using stencils to paint designs, such as borders or the appearance of textured wallpaper.

  • Instead of spending a small fortune on floor coverings, consider adding interest and decoration to the floor with area rugs or throw rugs over simple wall-to-wall carpet or insert a smaller piece of designed carpet into less expensive plain carpet.

  • Shop outlet stores for bedding and accessories.

  • Shop around for pillows that blend with or contrast with your bedding choices

  • Choose lighting and lamps that will direct light where you need it and create the atmosphere you want in various parts of the room.

  • Choose shutters and blinds made of vinyl instead of wood

  • Shop antique and salvage stores, as well as liquidators

  • Buy the fabrics you like and make your bedding and window treatments yourself

If you shop carefully, think creatively and plan efficiently, you can save when you remodel your bedroom. You can also create either simplicity or elegance on a budget.

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