Second story addition cost calculators are a great tool

Second Story Addition Cost

2nd Story Addition Cost

for creating an initial estimate of the cost for a home remodel that includes a 2nd story addition.

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A second story addition cost calculator uses your homes location, your preference for materials, the size of your 2nd story addition and how much work you will do yourself to estimate the cost.  A few reasons why 2nd story additions cost more than ground floor additions is the addition foundation work that often is required for a 2nd story addition and the need for stairs which take up approximately 100 square feet of living space and require a lot of finish work to complete.  The staircase alone in some projects can cost $5,000 to $10,000 in addition specialized labor and materials to frame the stairs, finish the treads and risers and purchase and install the balusters, newels and handrails.

So are second story additions worth the cost and hassle?  The benefits of a 2nd story addition are many; a view out the windows, a larger house than may be possible with a single story and potentially a grander design and curb appeal.  There are disadvantages to a 2nd story as  well; the stairs!  they are expensive to build, take up a lot of space and are not conducive for ease to access for occupants who have trouble climbing stairs.

Frequently Asked Questions about 2nd story addition costs

Q: Are second story addition cost estimates accurate?

A:Estimates are estimates and are based on available information at the time the estimate is made and the skill of the person – or computer – that is making the estimate.  Our whole house remodel calculator ask a few simple questions about your homes location. who will do the work, what quality and type of materials you will use and the size of your second story addition to estimate the cost.  The estimates from our calculators are very accurate based on the limited information.  The cost estimates are a great place to start planning.  A truly accurate estimate will only come after the plans are complete and a qualified builder or contractor takes the time to estimate the costs.