It is probably wise to take a close look at the entry foyer, the bathrooms and the kitchen to see if they need to be updated before you sell your home or move into a new home. These are the three areas that can get a prospective home buyer excited about a house.

However, you need to consider whether it is worth the time and cost to make the upgrades. Instead, you might do well to focus on small projects that can make a big difference, such as:

– paint the interior,

– paint stained or dated cabinets and woodwork,

– install new hardware on doors,

– install new faucets and fixtures in the bathrooms and kitchen,

– see if you need new baseboards and door trim, and

– think about new lighting fixtures, and switch and outlet covers.

You might want to check with your real estate agent before you paint, to see which are the most popular colors for key rooms in the house. Also, remove clutter and excess furniture.

Sometimes you will be better off to leave things as they are and work with your realtor to offer a remodeling allowance if there is something that seems to be holding a buyer back.