Which, if any, current trends in bathroom design and décor you choose to duplicate in your remodeled bathroom are entirely a matter of choice.

If being trendy is important to you or if you believe it is important in selling your home, then by all means, feel free to emulate all of the latest trends. If you are remodeling a bathroom to make it more comfortable and/or functional for your family, you might not want or need to incorporate all of the latest trendsRemodelOrMove.com: Bathroom Remodeling Workbook by Dan Fritschen

The main question to answer is “What will you do when the trends and trendy colors change?” Can you afford to remodel every two or three years? Are you considering colors or design features you will tire of in a few years? How big does the bathroom really need to be?

In many cases, it is not cost effective to try to duplicate many of the current trends in bathrooms when you remodel. You should base your decision on how long you plan to remain in the home, your family’s needs, and your personal choices in decor.