According our latest survey almost 70% of the people who use the

room addition contractor
Looking for a contractor? Click here. calculators plan on hiring a remodeling contractor for their room addition.  Have you decided if you will?  What are your reasons to or not to hire a room addition contractor.

Here is my list of the top 3 reasons to and not to hire a remodeling contractor.

Reasons to hire a contractor:

  1. They know what they are doing.  Most have decades of building experience and even then they will hire others to do some speciality fields like plumbing or electrical or drywall.
  2. They have all the contacts to get the job done.  Knowing who to call when is critical to having a project done right and run smoothly.
  3. They have made mistakes before and now know how to avoid.  Nothing teaches like experience and after 10 or 20 years or even 30 years of remodeling a person would have had a lot of experience.

Reasons not to hire a contractor:

  1. You want the challenge of managing your project and doing the work.  Some people like to organize and build things.  And what a contractor has in breadth of experience who cares more about your home and your project besides you?
  2. You want to save money.  Managing your remodeling project yourself is one way to save money.  But to really save money you have to manage it well.  A contractor will likely manage a project well and charge you for the service, therefore you can manage it yourself but you will only save money if you manage it well, which isnt easy but if you have experience managing projects at work or other facets of your life than you know what it takes and you have a chance to save money.
  3. You want to slowly remodel or add on.  If your plans are to slowly make changes to your home over many years – than managing it yourself could be an alternative to hiring a contractor.  There are some fixed costs for a general contractor to quote, manage then finish a project for you.  Even if it is just changing the front door  These per project costs can add up if you want to go slow on your remodel so unless you can afford to pay these costs – managing it yourself is your alternative.

There isnt a simple answer to the should you hire a contractor question.  Anyone can build an addition with the right experience and knowledge. The question is do you want to gain that knowledge to do the job right or hire someone who already has the knowledge?  To help you consider your options and hire the best workers to get your remodel done right get a copy of our Contractor Selection Workbook.

Good luck and happy remodeling.