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We all need more space in our homes, and unless you already live in a mansion then you’re going to have to be creative about ways to expand your home. There are many ways to make your rooms look bigger, but actually creating more space is a much trickier task. Whether you want an extra bedroom, bathroom, playroom or family room, an addition may be the answer. But if you’re looking to utilize space you already have, then it’s a good idea to consider a basement remodel.  The question is Should You Remodel Your Basement?


Basements are commonly used just for storage, and it’s easy to fill them up with junk and forget about it. But if you think about it, a basement contains the entire square footage of one floor of your home, and that’s space that’s being wasted by being piled with junk! Making this space into a living area will reclaim a whole floor of space in your home and will add a tremendous amount of value as the house will essentially have an extra storey.

Basements are also hidden away and out of sight – perfect for creating a playroom for the kids where they can play games and make a mess without trashing the rest of the house!

Basement vs Attic

It’s true that if you want to create a bedroom with en suite bathroom, basements are 26% more expensive to finish than attics. There are a number of factors here; it is usually easier to bring electricity and plumbing to an attic space than to a basement. Also, a basement is usually a much more basic space and is more prone to dampness, so needs more extensive remodeling to become liveable.

It’s also more difficult to bring light to an entire basement than it is to an attic. If there’s no way to add lots of windows to the entire basement, consider using the darker areas for rooms that don’t require windows, such as bathrooms.

The main problem people have with attic conversions is that the sloping ceilings that are created can limit space and are not ideal for particularly tall people! A basement is a great place to turn into a living space as it just needs a bit of TLC to turn it into a multi-functional room.