No matter what your remodeling project, you can slash your remodel costs by shopping for Salvage. Salvage is building material and fixtures taken from other (often older) houses when they are remodeled or demolished. Salvage stores and some antique stores are an enthralling wonderland for creative remodelers with an eye for the unusual or the creative eye to repurpose some item from an earlier time.

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Whether you are looking for an unusual accent piece or you want to find carved woodwork or an old claw-foot tub, you will be amazed to discover what is available in these salvage stores. Want a distinctive door or door frame? You can probably find the perfect piece to match your décor. Looking for an unusual door knocker? The variety is amazing. You can also find such things as stained and leaded glass windows, furniture, brackets, signs, lighting fixtures, decorative columns and artwork.

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Most salvage items can be purchased for a fraction of the cost to reproduce them today. A stained glass window hung either inside a window or as the window in a spot that gets too much bright sun will cut the glare, admit just enough light and add beauty to the room. Learning a bit about the history of the window will be a great conversation starter with guests.

Shopping at just the right time or working with a salvage dealer to find just what you want can be both fun and inexpensive. For example, by working with a salvage dealer well in advance of the beginning of a remodeling project, one homeowner was able to get matched carved paneling from an old home that was being demolished. The wood was warmed by age and brought exactly the cozy elegance he wanted for a home office. The cost of buying the salvaged paneling was a fraction of what it would have cost to have similar paneling made today, and the patina of age would have been missing.

Some of the more obvious items to look for in a building salvage store might be a mantel, garden statuary, wall-mounted decorative shelves, bathroom fixtures, moldings, lighting fixtures and aged wood flooring planks. But these stores are also the perfect place to find the right accent rug or a perfect side chair.

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Finding tables, wrought iron fencing or gates, architectural accents is easy. Visiting a salvage store with your creativity working in high gear can bring imagination to the items found in the store and unique beauty to your home. Consider, for example a beautiful old iron gate as a headboard or cornice brackets to support a shelf for family photos.

Accent your bathroom with antique porcelain faucets or a uniquely woven basket for hand towels. The possibilities are endless with some imagination, or with some help from the salvage buyers. You will quickly discover not only unique treasures, often with a story, but you will slash your remodeling costs by shopping for salvage.

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