Small bathroom - photo by Juhan Sonin

by Dan Fritschen

Small bathrooms are something that you will find commonly in many old houses.

But, if you don’t have the time or spare cash to carry out an extensive bathroom remodel or build a larger bathroom addition, you can still find many ways to make the most of a small bathroom.

You can do many things create a stunning, one of a kind bathroom – tiny can also be glamorous! Ideally you will need to keep the ideas simple; you do not want to add too much stuff to create clutter. Make the bathroom a little bit of a personal project by adding unique details that speak volumes about you, reflecting your own personality.

The old tiles will probably be the first items to go. These can be replaced with new chic stone tiles or colorful mosaic tiles that reflect your personality. The shower curtain and bath mat can also be very colorful so that room will have a more vibrant feel. Take care not to cram too many contrasting colors and patterns into the room as it is a small space and can easily be overwhelmed!

If you can open up the floor space using a brightly colored rug, the room will also start to feel larger. You can also achieve this by installing wall mounted basins and floating cabinets. For the toilet, allow your plumber to fix you an in-wall cistern as it is less obstructive.

If space does permit you can have a number of open shelves installed to store your tissue paper and fresh towels. Smaller bathrooms may have tiny windows or none at all, so make sure you have a good ventilation system. Potpourri, scented candles and essential oils are also a great way to add a pleasant ambiance to the bathroom.

Bare walls are also crying out for fun design ideas. How about getting a few of the family photos here to create a nice photo gallery? The photos can be framed in various sizes, colors and materials to add some depth and variety. Installing a large mirror that runs across the bathroom wall is another classic trick to make the room appear larger and reflect more light back into the space.

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