Photo by Tiare Scott

Living room photo by Tiare Scott

by Dan Fritschen

Do you feel that your living room is too small? Are you looking to add a new lease of living to your small living room without carrying out an extensive living room addition?

A small living room presents very unique challenges to homeowners and interior designers alike. Although there are some simple tricks that you can use to solve the problem, if you have just moved from a larger space to smaller one, the problem may look bigger!

Is your small living room space cramped because it’s taken up with furniture and other accessories? Large bookshelves, end tables, oversized lamps, accessories and furniture will swallow the limited space available, making the room appear smaller. You must be prepared to change any problematic furniture and accessories. Your guiding principle in remodeling the small living room would be to reduce the number of items in the room, because in reality size does not matter much if there is too much clutter involved. Reducing the number of items in the room is an easy, cost-free way to give your room a much needed lift.

There are also visual tricks to help create the illusion of space in a small room. Try adding a large mirror or several smaller ones to enlarge the room and also to reflect light back into it. Space saving ideas such as wall mounted lamps and nested end tables will also cleverly free up space in the room.

Add some texture and create interest in the room by adding a rug. Light colored flooring will be perfect for the living room. A brighter room will feel more airy and larger, whereas darker colors on the floor and ceiling will create claustrophobic effect.

Love the space that you occupy. Even though the space is not as big as you would have loved, make the most of it, make your own little paradise in this space!

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