solar garden lights

Solar Landscaping Lights photo by Patrick Standish

by Dan Fritschen

Solar lighting has come a long way in the last decade or so – images of huge sections of roof covered with paneling are certainly a thing of the past! In fact, even very small panels can harness the sun’s energy and convert into electricity, and this is how solar garden lights are able to work so well.

Solar landscaping lights are a great way to light your outdoor areas, whether it’s to brighten up longer summer evenings in your garden or provide extra safety and security to your paths and driveways. A huge benefit of using solar landscaping lights is that they’re wireless so you don’t need to worry about the time and effort of running cables across your yard. They’re kind to the environment as they run on natural energy, so you can have an attractive garden with virtually no running costs after your initial purchase. Once you install these lights, you can also be pretty hands off and don’t really need to think about them again unless they start to dim, in which case you can simply change the batteries and then you’re all set. Solar lighting can also deter intruders as any exterior light, even if it’s very subtle, would make potential criminals much more visible.

Ground level lighting adds a glowing ambience to your outdoor space and is perfect for a subtle way to light up garden paths without using larger, bright lights. Just dot them along the edges of the path or driveway and you’ll be able to find your way at any time of night. Ground level outdoor lights are also great for being able to see the entrance to your driveway from the street, especially if there is a darker lane leading up to it.

You can add a Parisian sidewalk cafe touch to your seating area with string lights criss-crossed above you as you relax. These lights provide a nice glow with plenty of light while bathing everything in a soft, warm light. Rope lights as well as string lights can also be used, and they are also great because of their natural versatility: wrap them around shrubs, hedges, trees, trellis or around doorways for a fun, unique and romantic way to light up the features of your garden.

Tiki torches can add a tropical touch to any outdoor event! Of course, authentic tiki torches use a naked flame to provide illumination, but if you want a much safer and longer lasting way to add an exotic feel to your garden party then you can invest in some solar tiki torches.

Decorative lanterns with a stain glass style finish add a quaint and rustic touch to your front porch and look very attractive to visitors, giving your property added curb appeal. Lanterns are also a great way to add security to the front of your home without using conspicuous spotlights.

Once you’ve purchased your lights and read through the manufacturer’s instructions, put the lights in the desired areas and make sure they have at least one full day of sunshine so that they can charge properly. Different types of lights and various manufacturers may have differing instructions on this so make sure you follow the manufacturer’s advice.

Naturally we are all thinking about using solar landscaping lights during those lazy, hazy summer days but outdoor lighting can still be used even during the winter months when there are far fewer hours of sunlight. This means finding your way in and out of your home in darkness hours will be easier and safer as pathway lights can also help you make sure you don’t lose your footing in wet, icy or snowy conditions.

Solar lighting is both energy efficient and affordable, comes in many attractive styles and adds security, safety and most of all, beauty to your home.