It seems like almost every sink being sold these days is stainless steel. This trend has been building for many years, regardless of this trend – I dont like them.

Stainless steel sinks are just too easy to “damage”. All of them come with some sort of a finish..frequently brushed. If you are over zealous on cleaning the sink you can leave scratch marks. Of course there are ways to prevent it like only using soft sponges to clean them keeping the abrasive pads, steel wool etc. far from the sink.

The sinks also dent easily. The heavier ones with thicker metal are harder to dent – but still can be dented by dropping a glass or pot.

And then there are the water spots, stains and other blemishes that stainless steel sinks are susceptible too.

Stainless steel sinks just are too delicate for normal kitchen use. Porcelian on steel is a much better material for sinks. You can use abrasive cleaners AND it doesnt dent. You have to pound it pretty hard to get it to chip.

So what is the right sink for you? You just have to spend the time investigating the options. For my recent kitchen remodel I selected a stainless steel sink! What is the saying? “Do as I say not as I do”