Every home remodeling or addition project that uses the professional services of a contractor begins by finding contractors to interview. While it is not unusual to have contractors come to you offering repair services after a natural disaster, never hire a contractor who comes to you without being invited unless you check them out thoroughly. Many of these people are scam artists and don’t carry the necessary licensing or insurance.

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When you are ready to start looking for contractors, you’ll find that it is easy to find them. Since you will want to identify at least five contractors (ten is better), here are ten ways to find them.

1. Look in the yellow pages. Keep in mind, however, that these are often the most expensive contractors. The larger the ad in the yellow pages, the more expensive it is. Most contractors who have the money for large ads also charge more for their services.

2. Check your regional newspaper for ads. Remember, again, that these ads cost money and are often purchased by more expensive contractors.

3. Check articles and ads in small local newspapers. These papers charge less for ad space, so it is often the average-priced contractors who buy these ads. You might also find that a local contractor is writing a home management column in the paper.

4. Website referral services and advertisements are a good source of information, but these will also be more expensive contractors.

5. Ask people you know for referrals. Keep in mind that just because your neighbor or friend was happy with the work done by a particular contractor doesn’t mean you will be happy. These contractors will probably span the price range.

6. Ask other contractors for recommendations. These recommendations will often be well matched to your specific project. These contractors can also be anywhere in the pricing range.

7. Check with local referral services. Remember that referral from a service doesn’t necessarily tell you anything about the quality of work you can expect. These contractors can be priced anywhere across the range.

8. Ask local realtors for recommendations. Many realtors keep lists of contractors to whom they refer clients. There is probably some element of quality assurance in these referrals, though they can be priced high or low.

9. Ask for referrals from the local Chamber of Commerce or check with the National Association for the Remodeling Industry.

10.  Check for references on this website.  If you click here, we can locate contractors within your area.

With these ten places to start, you will be well on your way to finding the home addition and remodeling contractors you want for your project.

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