Because sun room additions are so flexible in shape, size and design, they are a perfect choice for additions to many homes. They can be customized for use during two, three or four seasons of the year (depending on where you live), and they can be adapted to many uses. 
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Sun room additions can also fit most any budget because they can be installed in a standard size and shape with factory-built sections, or they can be completely customized to meet your specific needs. The most economical options will certainly be the standard size factory-built shapes and models. Even these most economical designs can be customized somewhat as they are installed. 
Because there is so much choice in the way a sun room addition is designed, in the choices of materials Contractor Selection Workbookused, and in such things as foundation and flooring and roof and ceiling options, you can work with a sun room installation company to create a room that is uniquely you and perfect for your needs. You can have walls that are partly glass and partly frame or brick or the entire wall can be glass. You can have a traditional roof or a glass ceiling/roof that allows you to enjoy more sunlight and see the stars at night. You can build your sun room over an existing patio or deck, or build a complete foundation.
Whether you are thinking about a small, bright extension of an existing room, such as a master suite or a kitchen, or a fully self-contained room, the options are endless. You might just want to enclose your patio to escape the bugs in the evening or enclose your pool so you can enjoy it longer. Sun rooms also make wonderful greenhouses, art studios and hobby or craft rooms. They can be used as play rooms or game rooms, an exercise room or a personal spa, or even a family room or a comfortable spot for entertaining guests.
The main decisions you will need to make in designing your sun room addition are:
·         Where will it be located?
·         How will you access it from inside the house and from outdoors?
·         What will be the size?
·         What kind of foundation will it have?
·         What kind of roof will it have?
·         Will you add heat and air conditioning?
·         What kind of glass will be used?
The glass used for your sunroom will be some quality of tempered glass. This will be the same kind of glass used in a glass shower door that has no frame or in frameless glass doors on a piece of furniture. But you will need to select a quality of glass that is right for your needs. Here are the things to consider:
  • What are the weather conditions in your region?  Do you get tornadoes, hurricanes, strong winter winds, strong sand storms? You will need to know the strength of each manufacturer’s glass in terms of wind velocity it can stand up to.
  • What kind of framing do you want around the glass panels? You will usually have a choice between aluminum, vinyl-clad aluminum or wood.
  • What size and style do you want the doors to be (if any)?
  • Because glass ordinarily conducts heat and cold very effectively, you will also need to think about the R-value of the glass. This will be important in heating and cooling the room if you use it during more than one or two seasons. 
  • If your sun room will be located in a spot where it will be subject to direct sun during the warmer parts of the day, you might also need to think about tinting some or all of the windows.
  • If your ceiling will be glass, you might need to think about tinting this glass.
With these decisions made, construction can begin in a surprisingly short period. The room will also be built very quickly, and you will be able to enjoy your new room almost immediately. No matter how you plan to use the room, it will be a comfortable and affordable home addition that will increase the value of your home when you decide to sell.