Trends in materials, construction techniques and home design tend to change every few years. When planning a remodel, it is always a good idea to consider the most important new building trends for your project. Depending upon the nature of your remodeling project, some of these trends may or may not be appropriate. Many of these will save you money on the cost of materials and installation, as well as on future maintenance. Most are worth considering at least.

  • Better energy efficiency is a major consideration in every aspect of home construction and remodeling. And virtually every home remodeling project should take into account ways to improve energy efficiency. Whether you are choosing a new furnace or air conditioning system, plumbing fixtures, roof, or  an addition, increasing the energy efficiency will reduce your utility bills and help save the environment.
  • Synthetic materials that resemble natural materials can cost significantly less. Whether considering laminate floor covering or synthetic deck materials, these items often cost less initially, require far less maintenance, and last longer.
  • Another money-saving trend in home construction and remodeling is the use of environmentally-friendly and healthier natural materials. These include water-based paints and finishes, nontoxic glue and other adhesives, and even environmentally-friendly carpet and carpet backing. Many of these materials cost less to produce and are more durable.
  • In terms of the house layout, current trends include completely eliminating the living room, making the living space more casual, enlarging the kitchen into a professional-style kitchen, placing master suites on the first floor of a multi-story home, building an elevator shaft, and wiring a family room for a home theater. Other emerging trends include outdoor kitchens and converting screened porches intoto sunrooms.
  • Attention to detail in finishing rooms is also central to current design and decorating trends. This includes a variety of paint application techniques and faux finishes, as well as impressive trim work and cabinetry.
  • Zoned heating is becoming standard in new homes. The ability to set the indoor temperature to different levels in different parts of the home is both appealing and efficient. Radiant heating, especially when controlled by a thermostat, is also becoming popular. Far more than just a warm bathroom floor, radiant heating is being used in many rooms of the house, where it provides more uniform heat at a reduced cost.
  • Home buyers are also beginning to move away from room designs that waste a large amount of interior space. Buyers are choosing to maximize living space rather than create vast open areas.

    These are some of the major trends that are emerging in new home construction and home remodeling. There are certainly other trends to consider, but attention to these matters will help you get on track with your home remodeling project. Check remodeling magazines and web sites for new and emerging trends at the time you begin your remodel.

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