Whether your family has grown or your needs have changed, if you are thinking about adding to your home, you should understand the value of second story additions. While adding a second story to an existing home is not a simple process or a weekend project, there are clear advantages over adding on to the back or side of your home.
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The main advantages of second story additions clearly demonstrate the value of the decision:
  • You don’t have to give up any of your yard or worry about staying within locally prescribed setback requirements. Not giving up yard can be very important if you are a gardener, if you want to possibly add a deck or a sunroom, or if you have children. Finding a way to add living space without losing any of your yard can also be beneficial to the value of your home when the time comes to sell.
  • You don’t have to move to get more living space. This can be a very important consideration if you like your neighborhood or you don’t want to move your children to another school, or you like being within walking distance of a grocery store or a shopping mall, or if you would have to have to find another car pool. 




  • You will have a chance to make some changes to the first floor. This can be very important if this is something you know you want to do eventually. The second story addition just gives you a good reason to do it now. What is the good reason? Money. It will cost you far less to make those changes while you are adding a second story than doing it as a separate project. This is the perfect way to justify the two-story entrance foyer. 
  • Your second story addition is an opportunity to modernize and update the exterior appearance of your home. If you are thinking about selling your home anytime soon, think of this as a low-cost way to improve the curb appeal of the house. If you plan to stay put for a while, replacing windows and doors, and the roofing materials is a wonderful chance to improve the energy-efficiency of your home and reduce your heating/cooling costs. 
  • You will have the unique opportunity to design the new space any way you want. You can build a second story that matches your family’s lifestyle and needs. You can also use the extra space to plan ahead for needs you know will change in the next few years. Whether you want to have a little bit of extra space for added comfort, or you are building for additional family members (such as children, or parents), or you want to create space for special family interests and activities, this is your chance to get exactly what you want and need. 
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Adding a second story to your home will probably cost more than just building a single room on somewhere. You should understand the difference in the cost. And you might want to consider adding a second story to only part of your home. Talking with a good second story additions contractor about your options, about how your planned changes will change the exterior appearance of your home and how that will look in the neighborhood, and about the differences in cost between adding a second story and adding a room or two at the ground level will help you make an informed decision.
A good second story additions contractor can also help you think about local zoning laws and building code requirements, whether the existing foundation and structure is adequate to support the additional weight, how you can make exterior updates and upgrades, and how you can make your home more energy-efficient. He or she can also help you think about the changes you will need to make to the first floor and about how this can update your home or increase comfort and convenience in your home.