A number of special features can be added to or purchased in bathtubs of many styles and shapes.

Soaking tubs are usually extra deep, may or may not include jets, and may or may not include a pump that recirculates water while you soak. Some soaking tubs that recirculate water also reheat the water RemodelOrMove.com: Bathroom Remodeling Workbook by Dan Fritschento prevent draining and reheating. The recirculation add-on is thus helpful in reducing the amount of water used and, because the heating is generally done with an instant water heater, the amount of power required to keep the water hot.

Whirlpool tubs are available in many sizes, shapes and styles. Some simply recirculate the water, some recirculate and reheat the water, and some provide massage and hydrotherapy.

Spa/massage tubs offer several settings ranging from gentle bubbles to an invigorating massage. “Overflowing” tubs are usually extra deep for soaking, but they allow the water to overflow the sides and cascade to a collection area that recirculates the water.

Chromotherapy is another option available in most tubs. Chromotherapy adds lights in soothing colors to the water in the tub.

When these options are combined with the various designs, materials and installation styles, the variety can seem overwhelming. Making the choices about bathtub style, installation, and options one at a time will make the array less intimidating.