The time required to install a countertop varies with the material and the size of the installation. Weightier materials, like quartz and granite usually take more time for installation. A prepared laminate countertop can be placed in an estimated 2-3 hours. In

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most installations, there will be alterations required because the cabinets are not parallel  to the walls or the cabinet tops are not level.  If the kitchen countertop is manufactured onsite, the procedure may take a couple of days or more, as the finishing and sealing normally take some time to complete.

The Importance of a High Quality Kitchen Contractor when Remodeling

A kitchen remodel is a specialized remodel and one that you definitely will want to hire a competent kitchen contractor to complete. The remodel involves specific knowledge and a high focus on safety. Nearly any one can tear out a wall in a home, but with a kitchen remodel, the work is much more precise. It is important that your contractor specializes in kitchens to ensure the safety and long life of the cabinets, flooring, and appliances.

Key factors in a quality kitchen remodel includes:
• Attractiveness
• Functionality
• Accessibility
• Safety
• Flow to the rest of the house

When you select a knowledgeable and competent kitchen contractor, you will have a degree of confidence that all aspects involved in the remodeling project are considered. A  qualified kitchen contractor will also have design and floor plan experience. This is important to ensure that the remodel is well finished, functional and accessible.

When you search for your kitchen contractor, make sure they have experience with home kitchens, which are much different than commercial kitchens. Your contractor should be able to advise and guide you in the design as well as the selection of materials. The contractor should also be able to help you save in material costs such as fixtures, hardware, cabinets and so on.

It is crucial to have a high quality kitchen contractor that will provide quality work. Skimping in the kitchen can result in terrible hazards such as damage from water leaks, fires and various other problems.

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