Routing the dryer vent to the closest exterior wall will save money both on installation and on long-term maintenance. It may also lengthen the life of your dryer. The obvious savings is in the materials and labor at the time of installation. The shorter the distance from the dryer to the external vent, the less duct work you need and the lower your labor costs. But you may also discover long-term savings. A certain amount of lint escapes through the dryer vent. Sometimes it simply exits through the vent. Sometimes, however, a certain amount of lint will collect in the duct work. The more turns and twists there are in the duct work, the greater the opportunity for the lint to collect. This duct work needs to be cleaned periodically. Obviously the less duct work requiring cleaning, the lower the cost. When too much lint builds up in the vent and the duct work, it will inhibit the flow of air from the dryer. This forces the dryer to work harder and causes it to retain heat, which shortens the life of the appliance.


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