If your remodel includes a plan for new kitchen or bathroom cabinets, you can save money on the project by changing the existing cabinets rather than replacing them. If the cabinets are essentially in good condition, but either you are tired of them or they are dated, you might consider one of several money-saving options. First, consider painting or staining the doors, drawer fronts, and exposed sides. You might find that this offers adequate change and updating to meet your needs. The second option is re-facing the cabinets. This is a process in which the exterior of existing cabinets are refinished or replaced to change and improve their appearance. Re-facing can be as simple as installing a veneer over the existing cabinet frames or it can be done by replacing the exterior doors, etc. Even replacing doors is far less costly than replacing the cabinets. The opportunity to install new hinges, handles, knobs, etc. will also provide an inexpensive update to the cabinets. For more information, go to www.remodelestimates.com and read the articles "Save Money: Reface Cabinets Instead of Replacing" and "Reface Kitchen Cabinets."


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