In many homes the space beneath a staircase is walled up and never used. If you are looking for additional storage space or even for a coat closet, the area beneath a staircase might be the perfect answer. Opening a door for access to the area under the stairs is relatively easy and inexpensive. You can then use the area in its rough condition as a place to store items or boxes of items. You can also add shelving very inexpensively, using the risers for spacing. If you want something more finished, you can frame out and drywall or panel a simple closet within the available area. If you have an older home with a wide staircase, you might even be able to convert this unused and often-forgotten space into a walk-in closet. If you make a large closet, you might want to extend an electrical circuit to accommodate a light fixture, or you can very easily include a battery-powered light.


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