One way to maximize space and possibly save a bit of money when remodeling, adding a room to your house, or finishing a basement or attic is to plan for storage in the way you design the placement of closets and bookcases. For example, by placing a built-in bookcase beside a closet, you can create additional storage space behind the bookcase that is accessible from the closet.
By positioning a built-in bookcase between two closets, you can provide easy access to the space behind the bookcase from either closet. For a bit of additional cost, you could hinge the bookcase so it opens out into the room to provide access to the space behind it. If your need is to create storage areas and the size of your room is more than adequate, build your closets a bit deeper to provide that additional space. If you are finishing an attic space, you have a prime opportunity to use the dead space behind walls under the rafters that would otherwise be too low for use.


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