If you need to create a functional closet and have some extra space but not quite enough to include a walk-in closet, you can save money by building one closet of double depth rather than two closets. Particularly in regions that experience distinct seasonal weather changes that may require warm clothes for winter and cool clothes for summer, a double-depth closet may be the solution for you. This type of closet for clothing simply installs two handing rods instead of one. Most closets built to accommodate a single rod for hanging clothes are 22-24 inches deep, building a closet that is 44-48 inches deep will provide wonderful extra space for clothing. You will save on framing and drywall costs – both materials and labor — because you will only be building one closet. Alternatively, building your closet 12-16 inches deeper would allow you to step into the closet to have access to a wider closet area without installing a wide point of access.


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