If you are finishing an attic, you are working out a design that creates a living space with adequate headroom. You are almost certainly creating dead space under the lower points of the pitch of the roof. Whether you are losing 2 feet or 8 feet on the sides of your finished living area, there will be “dead space” behind the walls. Rather than waste this space, you can use the space for storage, and preserve the floor space in your finished room, by framing and finishing storage areas in the dead space. You can finish low-ceiling closets that are accessible through a door or folding doors. You can also build in bookcases or storage shelves or cabinets for storage of toys and games for the children. Yet another alternative is to build in a set of drawers that can be used for clothing or other items rather than using valuable floor space for a dresser or chest of drawers. These solutions will maximize your use of all available space in your room by using the spaces that would otherwise be lost.


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