A window seat can be a wonderful addition to most any room, especially a breakfast room or a bedroom. A window seat can be a cozy place to watch the sunrise or look at the stars. It can be a cozy place to sit and read. It can also provide a storage space in the room. A window seat that provides storage is easy to build for the do-it-yourselfer. One approach to constructing a window seat with storage is to simply frame out a space beneath the seat. Then hinge the bottom of the seat so it can be lifted for access to the space. This allows the seat to function like a built-in chest for storage. Another alternative is to purchase pre-built cabinets of the desired height and width and place them in front of the window. Then simply install the top of the cabinets and cover it with a cushion. The seat will then be stable, and access to the storage beneath it will be available through the cabinet doors.


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