Many different textures and patterns can be used to shape the way color and room size are perceived by the eye and the mind. The use of texture and pattern also adds interest to a room, ties the style and décor or one room to that of an adjoining room, and establishes an atmosphere that fits the function of a room. Adding texture and patterns to a room also can be inexpensive. In addition to hanging pictures or tapestries, there are many things you can do to create a mood or just add interest by hanging wallpaper or by trying some interesting painting techniques. For example, a vertically-striped wallpaper or paint job will create the sense of a higher ceiling. You make any kitchen look like a country kitchen by applying wallpaper that looks like stone. You can also use a paint application technique that creates the appearance of crumbling stucco. You can create a fun and washable playroom for children by painting with a solid color and using a paintbrush to “sling” paint of a contrasting color at the walls. Other techniques include daubing paint on the wall with a sponge or applying it with a piece of sheepskin. If your hobby is collecting something, hang collected items in groupings on the wall for additional interest. Textures make rooms warm and inviting. So just use your imagination and create something spectacular with minimal cost.


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