Installing radiant heating in a room or a home addition is a cost-efficient project that will make an area comfortable for minimal cost. Radiant heating is relatively easy to install for a do-it-yourselfer. The perfect time to install it is during a remodel or the construction of an addition. Radiant heating in floors is particularly good in bathrooms, basements, and rooms built on concrete slabs. People tend to feel warmer because the heat is generated from the floor and warms them as it rises. Radiant heating is also very quiet, because it operates by moving hot water through tubing beneath the floor covering (whether tile, wood or carpeting). In mild climates, it is an excellent choice because the amount of heating needed is minimal. Radiant heating is also perfect for people with allergies or respiratory problems because it does not create dust by moving the air around with a fan. Radiant heating can also reduce the work of your heating system when applied to north-facing walls by assisting the system. If you are using a solar water heater, radiant heating units will save even more money on your heating costs. If you are a do-it-yourselfer, you can purchase easy-to-install kits at most home improvement stores.


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