In many remodeling, renovation and house addition projects, particularly when working on an older home, it is not uncommon to discover pre-existing problems that must be addressed as the remodeling work progresses. Outdated electrical wiring and systems are often discovered. If your contractor recommends ripping out the entire existing electrical system and replacing it with a new system that meets current standards, you will be adding a significant expense to your project. Ripping out an electrical system will involve a great deal of work (and damage that must be repaired) throughout the house, including tearing access holes in walls and ceilings. Checking on alternative approaches could save considerable time and money. Before you authorize your contractor to rip out the entire electrical system, check with one or two people for a "second opinion." Check with your local building codes office or the local electrical inspector to see if there are ways to bring your system up to current standards without completely replacing it.


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