Awnings have also been in use for many years. Installation of awnings can serve a number of purposes ranging from blocking sun from penetrating windows, to providing shade, reducing fading of household furnishings, providing an umbrella to keep rain from reaching the area outside doors, and more. Awnings are available in several materials ranging from cloth to vinyl to aluminum. Some awning styles are fixed and permanent, others are removable, and still others are retractable. Forty or fifty years ago, awnings were used in most parts of the country. Today, their use has been reduced by improvements in windows and changes in home building styles. Awnings can also protect your doors and windows during storms. Most awning styles can be installed by a skilled do-it-yourselfer. Some of the retractable styles may require professional installation. Before committing to new windows or other options to provide shade or protection for your windows, awnings are an important consideration. In warm and sunny climates, awnings often pay for themselves in just a few summers in the savings recognized in cooling costs.


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