Before you start to demolish or tear out walls, doors, windows, etc. think about the original materials that were used in constructing the house. Try to visualize what is inside the walls. Then identify materials that can be reused. You can call it recycling, if you wish. Any materials you can reuse are materials you don’t have to buy. Every item you don’t have to buy is a cost savings. Once you have identified potential items for reuse, demolish those areas with care to protect the reusable materials. A few examples of reusable items are switch plates, electrical outlet boxes and outlets, switches and switch boxes, some lumber, heat/air vents, light fixtures, windows and doors. Even carpet and padding, if still in good condition, can be cut down and used in a smaller room. Even some moldings can be re-used. Even moldings with slight damage can be sanded or even smoothed with wood filler and repainted for reuse.


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