Whether or not you like shopping, it is a critical element of saving money on building materials and fixtures. Check out every possible source for the materials you need. Make notes for yourself as you shop so you can compare prices and features of the items you see. When you are comparing prices, it will be important to compare prices on comparable items. Make notes that will allow you to compare both the prices and the features of famous name brands and other brands. Don’t overlook any possibilities – you might be surprised to learn where you can get the best prices.

When shopping, ask sales associates if they are aware of any upcoming sales that will include the items you are considering. If this is the case, be sure to make a note of the date of the sale and the sale price (if available). Then make a note on your calendar to return during the sale to purchase the item. In some stores that are sources of building materials and fixtures, particularly smaller stores, sharing your shopping list with a helpful sales associate could result in a call from the sales associate when one of your items is going on sale. Finally, while you are in stores and talking with sales associates, ask if there are any discount programs that might apply to you. For example, many stores offer discounts to persons who are over a certain age. In some cases the age is 65, but in others it is as low as 50. There are many discount programs most people don’t know about. It never hurts to ask.


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