Get to know some local builders and ask if you can buy or have excess materials that would otherwise be buried or trashed. It is not uncommon for builders to bury excess brick, block and/or stone in the back yard of a new home (often under a patio). Sometimes the amount is large enough to provide materials for a smaller project. For example, purchasing excess bricks from a builder for pennies on the dollar (or getting them free) can quickly accumulate into enough brick to make a walkway or exterior walls for a small addition. If the bricks come from several new projects and don’t match, just think creatively and use the mismatched bricks in a way that looks intentional. Mixing brick colors can actually allow you to create striking designs in walkways or exterior walls. One individual was planting a formal English Garden and wanted brick walkways throughout. By asking a local builder for excess brick that would otherwise be trashed, she was able to get enough free bricks in four shades to make the walkways and to construct the sides of several raised flowerbeds. By thinking through the layout of the walkways and planning the placement of the different shades of brick, she was able to create designs in parts of the walkways for a very interesting and striking effect.


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