It helps to always think about what is involved in your project when remodeling or building an addition. It also helps to remember that other people are also remodeling, renovating, or building additions. Just as you need to dispose of items you want to replace, others who are involved in home improvement projects need to dispose of items. By putting the word out through your networks, you might be able to connect with someone else who is involved in an improvement project. When you hear of someone who is remodeling, get in touch with them and see if they have items you need or if you have items they need. You might be able to arrange to trade some items, or you might be able to get a great price on some items you need. You might even be very lucky and find that someone would be happy to give you materials if you will just take them away. This approach to finding materials is ideal if you are looking for items that match a particular architectural style or materials or other items from a particular period in time.


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