It is important to consider when your project will be done. Particularly in certain regions, the time of year can dramatically affect the amount of time required to complete a project. For example, trying to build an addition to a home in the north in the middle of winter can delay completion of your project. If it is too cold, concrete will not set correctly for the foundation. Extreme cold can create conditions under which workmen simply cannot function. Rain (or snow) is a weather condition that should be considered as well. You may need to wait for installation of rough electrical work. Attempting construction in a region that has a "rainy season" could delay work or damage materials. Attic work will require working in hot and cramped conditions. The best plan might be to avoid attic work in the summer and to schedule work only during the morning hours. The best time to schedule construction is a time when there will be no temperature extremes and less likelihood of inclement weather.


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