The KISS rule became popular because it makes sense – keep it simple, stupid. When purchasing appliances it is easy to be convinced that you need every available feature on your machine. You will pay more for appliances with lots of bells and whistles and fancy features. The extra features, however, do not mean the machine will do its basic job any better. When you are shopping for appliances stop and think carefully about your need for the additional features. Before you buy a microwave oven with 50 buttons pre-programmed for various kinds of cooking, or a washing machine with 12 cycles, take a minute to ask yourself if you really need them. You are usually better off to just stick with the basics. Most of the extra features don’t affect the machine’s ability to perform its essential function. Over time, appliances with lots of extra features also add to the cost of operating the machine, and extra features are also more things that can go wrong and need repair.


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