Before you purchase columns, capitals, balustrades and other architectural decorative items, do your homework and choose the style that is appropriate for the architectural style of your home. Always ask plenty of questions about the style and the quality of the items you consider purchasing. It is always good to go to a store and see the items before you make a decision. Buying from the manufacturer rather than from a dealer could save you both time and money. Many manufacturers sell directly to homeowners at wholesale (without a markup). You may also feel more confident of their advice about the right style for your home. Buying from the manufacturer will also mean the items will be shipped directly to your home. Buying from a dealer will require waiting for the dealer to order the items, receive them, and then deliver them to you. Be sure to check on a few details. Find out about the warranty. Second, be sure to find out if delivery includes offloading the item from the truck and placing it where you want it. You don’t want to find out at the moment of delivery that you will be responsible for getting a 900 pound column off a truck and into your house.


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