Metal roofing is not what it used to be – it is much, much better. Whether you are planning to replace a roof or put a roof on an addition, new metal roofing systems are well worth considering. I remember seeing a building in the aftermath of a hail storm. The tin roof was pocked, as was the aluminum siding. Both had to be replaced. If this is the kind of image your memory evokes when you think of metal roofing, it’s time to bring up a new image. Metal roofing systems are available from several manufacturers in a range of colors and styles that make them appropriate for virtually any architectural style home. Most of these systems come with warranties against fading, chipping and rusting. Metal roofing systems are very durable – most come with either a lifetime warranty or at least a 40 year warranty. The metal finish is more likely to shed snow before it builds up. The metal and the paint reflect more sunlight, eliminating most of the heating effect of the sun inside the house. Some manufacturers claim that a metal roof will reduce attic heat in summer by up to 35% and reduce your energy cost by as much as 20%.


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